Hello There!

Hello, everyone!  Joe Berk here.  I’m the principal consultant and trainer at ManufacturingTraining.   We’re firing up this blog to keep people posted on what’s going on in our world, to tell a few process improvement war stories, and to have fun!

So why a blog?

Well, I write another blog for one of my clients, the California Scooter Company…a great motorcycle manufacturer right here in the United States.   That blog has a huge following, and it’s helped the California Scooter Company enormously.   My thought is that it might be cool to develop a similar following here.

So who are we?

Well, if you’re like me, you probably haven’t had great experiences with consultants.   There are nearly as many consultant jokes as there are lawyer jokes, and where there’s humor, it’s usually based on truth.  To be blunt, when I managed manufacturing organizations I thought the consultants I had rammed down my throat by my bosses were hucksters.

I like to think my organization is different, and our clients tell me that’s the case.  There’s nothing “touchy-feely” about us.   We don’t have any consulting buzzwords, three-letter  acronyms, Greek-lettered improvement programs, or martial arts belts, and there’s a reason for that:  I ‘ve managed large engineering and manufacturing organizations.    I know what it means to have to deliver conforming products on time at or below budgeted cost, and that is the theme underlying all that we do.   If you want to hold hands and sing songs, we’re not your guys.  If you want the hard facts and measurable improvement, I think you’ll want to talk to us.   But don’t do so right away.  Follow the blog for a little bit, and if you have an interest, give us a call.

So this is our first post on the ManufacturingTraining.com blog.  It’s new, we are going to make it interesting, and it’s focused on manufacturing.   Like I said above, there’s no snake oil here.   It’s the real deal.  I’m a writer and a photo nut, and I’ll do my best to keep interesting stuff posted here for you.   We’ll have photos, videos, graphics, and sometimes just words.   Want to see a sample?   Take a look at what it took to make a motorcycle for Melanie Troxel, the In-N-Out Burger Corporation’s funny car driver…

That was fun.   Sometimes we get to do things like that for some of our clients.

Let me throw a question at you more directly related to process improvement….do you know what this photo shows?   I’ll give you a hint…this product had a rejection rate of about 50%, each assembly cost about $50K, and the company lived with the problem for 10 years before they applied what we offer!   Let me know if you can guess what this is.  Shoot your comments in, and in a another day or two I’ll share with you what it’s all about!

If you’d like to follow the ManufacturingTraining blog, just click on the subscription link up top (it will let you know when new things are posted here).   You’ll have to enter your email address, but this is the only place it will be used and I promise you’ll never be spammed by us!

Stay tuned…there’s lots more coming up!


2 Responses to “Hello There!”

  1. Looking forward to reading more informative posts.

  2. Simon Gandolfi Says:

    Brilliant – and very very unusual to discover an expert who can write with such clarity…

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